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Applications for the Fund for Music Innovation are now open!

Fund for Music Innovation Grant Application

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Professional Career History

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Proposal and Project Merit

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Administrative Capability

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I hereby certify that I have answered the foregoing questions to the best of my ability. The facts herein stated are true and accurate and I understand that any misrepresentation of this information may disqualify me for any assistance from the DMV Music Alliance.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and fully understand that this application does not guarantee approval.

I, the undersigned, also acknowledge and fully understand that the DMV Music Alliance is a voluntary charitable organization that provides financial assistance to musicians and music industry professionals at its sole discretion. The DMV Music Alliance will not be liable to applicant for any reason, including if it does not provide financial assistance. The DMV Music Alliance is not responsible for services that it funds with its financial assistance.

Applicant agrees not to sue and releases the DMV Music Alliance from any claims whatsoever related to this application, the determination to provide financial assistance to the applicant or any service provided through such assistance.

Your signature below certifies that the information provided is true and complete, authorizes The Fund Committee to obtain and/or verify all information necessary to process this application, and releases the DMV Music Alliance from any liability associated with the rejection of or funding of this application.

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