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Workshop with Lisa Joy Glassman: Healing in the Present

The healing power of music is unmistakable. But who looks out for our well-being? Music professionals across the country continue to navigate the demands of working in the music industry while grappling with the devastating effects of the ongoing pandemic, all of which have taken a toll on their physical and mental health. Join the DMV Music Alliance, as it partners with Lisa Joy Glassman, an integrated movement specialist and leading expert in health and wellness for musicians. Lisa Joy’s FREE interactive session is designed specifically for musicians and music industry professionals. She provides a collective safe space for sharing and healing as she guides participants through a discussion of the biggest pains and obstacles to success in the music industry and then a series of techniques that reduce tension, anxiety, and stress. Attendees will leave the workshop equipped with ready-to-use strategies to effectively manage stress, focus on being present, increase productivity, and strengthen their relationships.

Date: Monday, February 28

Lisa Joy is an Integrated Movement Specialist who has worked with performing artists and music industry staff on-site and online to alleviate pain and optimize performance. Lisa Joy coaches clients to understand the source of their resistance, and what actions to take to remove physical and mental tension, stress and pain, to create and perform at the highest level. Learn more about Lisa Joy and her offerings at

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